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Based in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, we're recognized as one of the leading local interior design firms.

The firm has recently completed a few residences in Johor Bahru. The individual character of each project emerges through poetic social relationships, material richness and exacting detail. The uniqueness and skill with which these projects have been executed has produced meaningful vibrant destinations for both local citizenry and nationwide.
The goals of the company are to be thoughtful of the client, mindful of the budget, attentive to the beauty of the architecture, and respectful of the history of the place and the people.


  • Space Planning
  • Built & Construction
  • Exterior & Interior Design
  • Residential & Commercial Renovation
  • Custom Made Furniture
  • Aluminium Kitchen
  • Plaster Ceiling
  • Electrical Wiring
  • Plumbing System
  • Painting Work
Pegasus Design & Build Sdn Bhd, your ideal choice of brand in Interior Design & Renovation!



本行最近完成几项室内装修项目,每一项都呈现不同的风貌,集合高雅的材质和细腻的点缀,我们的室内装修工程赢得广大客户的喜爱。我们本着客户的最大利益出发,致力于再美观及价格中寻找最佳平衡点,同时集合本土人文风情,给客户个性化的设计 及装修,同时保证价格合理。

  • 室内设计
  • 洋灰工程
  • 地砖
  • 厨柜
  • 家具
  • 石灰天花
  • 铝制及水管工程

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